Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Upgraded Holster

When I decided to carry using a shoulder rig, Shorter Half got me set up with the entry-level starter set to make sure the concept worked. It did, and so he upgraded it to the nice Galco Miami Classic II rig for my birthday. I’m wearing it around the house this evening while we get it adjusted, and at one point I looked at the magazine carrier. There’s a tab at the bottom with a circle cut into it. “What the heck is that for” I asked.

“You can hang other stuff on it, like a flashlight, or handcuffs.”

::: blink, blink :::

“Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be using it for that”, I said, “I’m not the mall-ninja type.”

“Nope”, he said. “That’s definitely not a MILF rig.”

::: crickets chirping :::

Some time I’ll tell you about the “No analogy involving a cow and a pregnant woman can end well” story. And, yes. I was pregnant at the time. It was actually pretty darn funny.**

But no, I’m not the typical demographic to which this is being marketed. I know I never saw an episode of Miami Vice. But then, seven-foot tall (it’s a rumor, I tell you!) middle-aged moms with orangutang arms are a pretty-limited market segment. Yes, we’ve already established that I’m a freak.*

* For instance, we discovered I can functionally draw from this holster with my off-side hand. Yes, from 4 fingers below my armpit.

** Okay, while discussing why belt rigs don't work on me because of my odd proportions, he just now shouted out to no one in particular "SHE'S A SEVEN FOOT TALL SPIDER MONKEY!!"

There was actually a perplexed look on his face as I give him the "I heard that" look.

"You mean I shouldn't have said that with my outside mouth?"


  1. Yabbut - he's short (grin)...(j/k SH)
    (I think he may need a Gibbs Slap).


  2. I am a proud Smurfo-American. Descended from a long line of Neander-Hobbits.

    (In all fairness, my spider-monkey comment was triggered by some of the helpful advise Nancy has received about how a strong side belt rig is so good. She's BTDT, the t-shirt doesn't fit. {grin})

    Shorter Half

  3. I was just looking at that holster on another site. I have no clue what that tab is for, but .. I got nuttin'.

  4. Heh. Y'all are good people, you know that?

    BTW, tell Wee One (not Shorter Half) that her sweater is on its way back to her.

  5. Pawpaw,

    It really is an accessory point, whether you want a tie-down, cuff case, or flashlight case.

    They've got them on the cheap suede Galcos, too, only on them it's plastic and sqivels out of sight if not needed.

  6. It's a tie-down attachment point. You can get tie-downs from Galco that loop over the loop and attach to your belt. Keeps it from flapping around when you move. I got one just like it for my Para P12-45. Great holster.