Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Better than nothing

When I got my permit to carry concealed, I worried about how little practice I had, and wondered if I should even be carrying a gun.

I don’t have much confidence in my ability to draw quickly, but if I wait until I’m flawless, I’ll never have my gun with me.
I may still be practicing on how sights work, but if I wait until I can consistently drill two rounds through the same hole, I’ll never have my gun with me.

I may not ever be tacti-cool enough to keep moving while reloading and firing but if I wait to carry until I am, I’ll never have my gun with me.
I may not be as aware of my surroundings as I should be, but if I wait until I’m free of other distractions, I’ll never have my gun with me.

I may never have the time to train to reach any of the above goals, much less all of them, but if I wait until I do, I’ll never have my gun with me.
Some say having a gun makes you a target. Some say having a gun serves as a deterrent. If I waited until that debate was settled (including my internal one), I’d never have my gun with me. 

And don’t even get me started on the caliber wars.
Some of us come late to the realization that the only ones we can count on to keep us safe are ourselves. So we open our eyes, and we travel that road – all with different starting places, and going at difference paces. But as long as I’m making progress, however slow, I’ll keep plodding along. Because no matter how much I have to learn, or how much I need to improve, I’ll keep carrying my gun. Because something is better than nothing.


  1. How timely! OLD NFO and I have just posted about a tangent of all of what you said.

    I applaud your wisdom in these matters! How true! I am an instructor of the basic arts and try to get people to the place you are.

    Great post!

  2. And, you WILL have your gun with you.

    That's rule #1.

  3. Wow. This is some serious smart, blogdaughter. I am in awe.

    This needs to be passed around...

  4. So well said and so true! When I started carrying my gun, I had shot it one time and had never taken a, I don't recommend this and you may know I am a big proponent of training, but I still think its better to have a gun than not.

  5. What she said.

    Well put Nancy. Sharing this with loved ones and friends who are still working through those very thoughts.

  6. A slap in the face of the Tactical Tommies.

  7. Bravo. You deserve warm encomium.

  8. Miguel,

    Wait, this is supposed to be controversial? Huh. Who knew?

  9. A very thoughtful and incisive post, Nancy. I apologize for the coming cliches but, "the longest journey begins with a single step" and "it's less about the destination than it is the journey". You're going in the right direction on the right path.

  10. Outdamnstanding!

    Now THAT's my buddy!

    We may never obtain perfection, but in no way should that stop us from attempting to do so through hard work, practice and will. You go girl! (grin)

  11. Thank you for saying this, I have forwarded this to my wife, who always doubts she is ready!

  12. Wow-Thanks. My husband forwarded this to me. He's been encouraging me to carry when I'm home alone. Time to go grab my gun and adjust that holster he bought for me! Thanks again!

  13. I'm not there yet. I'm plodding. Thanks. Well said.

  14. This ... made me smile.

    The one thing you will never have to say to a goblin is, "oh wait, lemme go fetch my pistol"

  15. Good thoughts...

    And as a father of a daughter... I appreciate your choice in light of being a parent...

    Dann in Ohio

  16. Found this linked at DefensiveCarryConcealed.
    Your wisdom has struck a cord.
    Thank you.

  17. Everybody's gotta start somewhere - you have.

    As long as you have the drive and desire to improve your skills and knowledge, you can keep on doing so.

    Where you stop, is completely up to you.

  18. Thank you, Ma'am, for emphasizing an essential truth. NONE of us are truly ready 24/7/365 - and I'm not, either. All you, I, or any of us can do is the best we can do to get better.

    And if that moment which we all pray we will never face should come to pass anyway... then we will do the best we can do to stay alive and go home to our loved ones. We will. As God is our witness, we WILL...

  19. couldn't have said it better myself. And for those who oppose the carry of guns, they need to stop and think that when the s@*! hits the fan it is that gun that will be protecting them.

  20. Such a wonderful point! Thanks for making it for all of us who might not excel at everything.