Saturday, November 20, 2010

Family Fun

It being up near 60 degrees this afternoon, we decided to go outside and shoot the pellet guns.

There was a lot of this:

And then this:

With the Big, Bad Wolf properly perforated, it was time to move onto a more traditional target.

SD was not happy with her results. It didn't matter to her that she hit the center line, because she didn't hit the center of the target. She aimed for the center, but hit high, not once, but twice, and was quite frustrated. And when she hit outside of the circle, she insisted it wasn't her fault, she wasn't aiming there!

Here SD is earnestly explaining that she was aiming at the center and so the shot that hit outside the black must have been caused by a problem with the pistol. We explained that the pistol is a tool, and doesn't arbitrarily do that. She wasn't buying it.

You can see that SD is utterly dejected by her inability to hit dead center of the target. To try to illustrate how well she did, Shorter Half and I each took a shot at the target behind her head. Well, not while she was standing there, of course. But to show her that we can't always hit the center either. She refused to be consoled, even when we told her Miss Breda would have been impressed.
She was frustrated, and not having fun, so we decided to switch it up and gave her the option of firing my pellet rifle using a rest.

She liked it. A lot.
Still a bit high, but the important thing is that she had a good time, and stopped only because she was getting cold and it was getting dark.
Fun was had by all, and plans have been made to do it again tomorrow.


  1. SD has all the makings of a shooter; when I can't hit the target, I blame the pistol too.

  2. Olympic shooting, watch out! Those people have a target the size of a pencil eraser--and they hit it.

    Also: 60 degrees?!?!?!

  3. Good stuff! A true marksman (markswoman?) always culls those gun induced shots anyways. Seems to me like she's picked up on all the important stuff!

    Oh, I can't wait until my little people can shoot! Although, we're gonna have to shoot in the basement as you know. . .

  4. Thanks for posting this, it’s always great to see a young shooter getting off to a great start. That “dejected” photo is just too adorable for words! I’ve felt like that many a time at the range and I wasn’t shooting half a good a she was.

  5. Pistols are pistols, and rifles are rifles...

    Tell SD I heartily approve, BTW...

  6. Oh my god, the facial expressions made my day, especially the last one!

    Good job Nancy!

  7. Cute Pics.

    I have the same Crosman pistol. Mine shoots high too and the rear sight depressed as far as it will go. It's not SD, it's the gun.

  8. danno,

    I just told SD what you said -- nothing like having to eat a crow in front of a 5-year-old. She's being very gracious about the "I told you so" portion of the program.

  9. That's good shooting! Heck, I'd take that! :-)

  10. Nice thing about Appleseed, I get to meet those lovely little ladies every weekend when I am shoot bossing. There aren't any in my home. Treasure her moments on the range.

  11. Is that a Crosman 1377c with pink furntiture? Awesome shooting!

  12. OrangeNeck - Yup. But it's more lavender than pink. Krylon "Fusion" spray paint for platic -- wonderful stuff.

  13. Nancy, that's sweet. You know Crosman makes a shoulder stock for the 1377. I just picked one up for mine at the gun shop.