Sunday, June 13, 2010

No Triumph

Remember my Dad’s Triumph? Starting back in my 20’s, I always said that if I was going to have a mid-life crisis car, it was going to be a red TR-3. I figured if my Dad fit in it with his 36” inseam, I’d fit in it with mine. My dad, of course, was quick to point out that when he bought his car, the only color choices were British Racing Green and Robins Egg Blue. It didn’t come in red.

Guess what I saw yesterday, not one mile from my house? A red Triumph. For sale. I went back today to see if could take some pictures of it, but it was gone. Considering that even if I didn’t have two bathrooms and one kitchen that need replacing (I do), AND I had the money (I don’t), I’m lacking the electrical engineering degree necessary to be able to drive at night.


  1. Son comes home in a rattletrap raptop. Dad says "What's that?" Son says "It's a Triumph!" Dad says "Over what?"

  2. netfotoj --

    "Hope over experience?"

    No, wait. That's second marriages ...

  3. They didn't call him "The Prince of Darkness" for nothing...


  4. The Brits drink warm beer because Lucas Electric made their refrigerators too.

  5. So one of the chaps in 15th Recce recently bought a Hillman Tilly. Neat little car. You could probably get into it.

    Two other 15th Recce member's wives have posited that a NAAFI van would be the perfect thing for them. They could go to events like FIG or Reading and have a place to do an impression AND have fun at it and get some social time with the men and yet apart from the men.

    Another Tilly could probably be found and a rear box could be fabricated to make a tea and biscuit NAAFI. (like this one) I'm sure the little one would enjoy such a thing as well.

    There are a number of other larger vehicles on Mil-web that could be converted for the same OR used as part of a ATS impression driving transport about.

    There's even a '46 Hillman Minx on Milweb if you want to do a Honeysuckle Week's impression...

  6. montieth: Awesome idea for NAAFI impression -- I'd be all over that. Let the guys go to the marchy-marchy bangy-bangy stuff while the women do something useful and educational. And Sweet Daughter would be in seventh heaven!

  7. Nancy, you'll want to pester your shorter half to get you in touch with R. Hovey's wife, she's also in NoVa (Culpeper). The other half of that idea is in Germany with her husband (the Barrs) whore doing stuff for the guvment. Between the three of you I'm sure you could put together a bang up NAAFI and frankly, it'd go over grand at both hot and cold events. I'm sure the Barrs could locate a suitable vehicle and arrange the sending as Mr Barr has already arranged a Daimler AC on a RoRo ship (and container). Mr Hovey can help receive it at VMMV. All very doable really.