Monday, June 7, 2010

Bits and pieces

I put a couple dozen rounds through my Springfield XD on Memorial Day. This was the first time I'd fired it since late January. (Bad Nancy!)

This is the target from the first magazine at about 25 feet, fired a tad slower than a shot/second. As long as I just point and shoot, I do okay. It was when I realized that people were WATCHING, and I tried to adjust my stance and concentrate on my sights and stuff, that things started going a bit wobbly.

All 16 on the cardboard, at least.

Speaking of targets, do you know what happens when you hit the “reset” square on a reactive target really hard and for some reason it doesn’t react?  (BTW, this has been wonderful for teaching me to use those odd modern things calles "sights".)
The pellet reacts instead!

Awesome picture on page 50 of the July 2010 copy of Tactical Weapons article, “Dogs of War”.

"Highly trained bomb-sniffing dogs can skydive into action with their handlers. Muzzles are worn for protection and dogs are calm when jumping as they don't perceive height as humans do."

Cocktail napkins were part of my birthday present from my oldest sister:
I think the sense of humor is hereditary.


  1. Springfield XD - do want. My brother has an XD .45 - sweet weapon.
    Of course they muzzle the dogs - handler'd be confetti by the time they hit the LZ otherwise!
    Love the napkins - and belated Happy Birthday wishes, too!


  2. Have you seen this one?

    I am leaning towards getting a sub compact XD. The next decision has to be between 9mm and .40 S&W...