Monday, June 28, 2010

It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity

Okay. So it was the heat this weekend. Friday was not unpleasant. We set up camp in the evening, and it dropped down to 75 degrees at some point that night. Nice sleeping weather. Saturday hit a high of 98 degrees – which was a bit rough. Saturday night reached a "balmy" low of 80. Even with both ends of my tent tied open, there wasn’t a breath of air moving. On Sunday it hit 103 degrees. Even the grass was hot to walk on. I knew it wasn’t 104 – a couple of years ago, it hit 104 and that’s when I found out the pointy bits of my elbows can sweat. But even with dry elbows, 103 was bad enough.

Time to cool off!

My favorite Tourist Stunt of the weekend happened as one family passed by, and the teenage son absent-mindedly grabbed a handful of grapes out of a bowl on the table where we had our lunch sitting out. That was actually pretty funny as you could tell the Dad was mentally calculating how much discipline he could get away with dispensing in public, and the son was properly horrified when he realized what he had done, and apologized profusely.

"Stay out of my grapes!"


  1. Yeah, it's hot doing interp. this time of year... But ain't it a blast?! The only station that I dread the heat in right now is the blacksmith shop, but I enjoy the work so much that I just have to grit my teeth and get over it.
    Of course, if you're in the leather shop, your sweat tends to drip on the leather and stain it...

  2. What about the mother who asked what you could show her children!

  3. TDG - Just be glad you don't have to interpret in stays. I'm just sayin'.

    Chris - I'm sure there are only a precious few who know Dr. Mike well enough to understand my reasons for ever-so-briefly considering "mooning" someone as a response to someone demanding "Do you have anything education to show my children?" I think I showed admirable restraint. That, and I was wearing too many layers for it to be practical even had it not been in poor taste.

  4. Good grief. Let me try again. " understand my reasons to ever-so-briefly consider "mooning" someone as a response to them demanding "Do you have anything education to show my children?"