Sunday, August 1, 2010

Three and a half months late

BAG Day. Buy a gun day.

Shorter Half just returned from The Nation's Gun Show.

He showed amazing restraint when he bypassed a Garand and an M14. Instead, he picked up a Mossberg 500. We didn’t have a shotgun, and now we do.

One reason we didn’t have one before now was because I refused to have a Chinese made one in the house. I won’t pay money to the Chinese army.

The first thing I made SH do was run upstairs to show it to Sweet Daughter who was trying to fall asleep. “See? We've got a new gun to keep us safe from the Big Bad Wolf!” He knelt outside her room, aimed down the stairs towards the front hallway, and pumped the slide. SD daughter positively cackled.

I like the safety on the top of the wrist which makes it ambidextrous. I like the lack of sights to distract me. (How do I use those again? *grin*) I did ask SH if we could put a laser sight on it -- I told him I want to put a red spot where I want the red hole to go.

I've never fired a shotgun before, but it seems very intuitive to use. I can’t wait to take it out and make it go “blammo!” Bring on the zombies!


  1. Very, very, nice! You can't hardly go wrong with a Mossberg 500. Lots o' toys and accessorizes you can get for it too.

    I can show ya'll a few tricks with it too.

  2. First shotgun I owned was a mossberg 500 20ga. I still own it today, and it still shoots like a dream after I don't even know how many rounds. It may not be the prettiest, but it does the job, and very efficiently! (btw, the ambi safety was a big selling point for me too. Gotta show some lefty love.)

  3. That's the next one on my list. Like, exactly the same one.

  4. I've had a Mossberg for years. Perfect Anti-Zombie weapon!

  5. My 590 has a Large bore Zero power red dot scope on it. It'll plug slugs on targets at 25-30 yards easy peasy. There's something quite satisfying about putting 2 3/4" and 3" slugs on metal gong target silhouettes at a reasonably fast pace with a shot gun.

    Next is a weapon light of some sort.

    Sounds like when we do the Monty's Men Training Day up in Culpeper, we'll have to have Farby Gun range time as well, just for fun.

    Are you guys coming to VMMV?

  6. Can't go wrong with Mossberg. I love my 835. Great weapons at a great price!

  7. Yep, that's our "home" gun as well... well, in 20ga... the Mrs. doesn't appreciate the recoil of the 12. I put a LARGE orange ghost ring sight on it, so if you can see the BG through the big sight, you're good to go, & he's not.

    BTW, I've got you on my blog list...

  8. The 500 is the best deal out there, and will last many lifetimes. My wife shoots a bantam 500 in 20 gauge which was our main HD gun until the kids started to walk.