Monday, August 16, 2010

All things bright and beautiful

Shorter Half is one of those types who does better on massive amounts of caffeine – or other stimulant. They calm him down, slow his speech to an understandable degree, and usually limit the number of conversations he will try to carry on with you simultaneously to a reasonable number, like 2. I’m sure most of you know the type.

Well, today Sweet Daughter and I returned home after her swim class to find him opening the mail. He’d ordered a strobe-type flashlight for my pistol and was busy taking the thing out of the blister pack, putting the batteries in, and muttering some sort of stream-of-consciousness monologue about the lack of quality instructions, or lack of quality equipment, as it wasn’t working properly, when viola! A bright flashy light appeared in my peripheral vision, reflected in the hall mirror from where he was pointing it down the stairs.

He then said something like “Hey! When it gets dark out, why don’t we turn off the lights, and I’ll go to the top of the stairs and you go to the end of the hall by the front door, and I’ll turn this on, and you can tell me how annoying it is!” I declined, possibly even telling him he was out of his mind. It was bloody maddening just seeing it out of the corner of my eye in full daylight.

Moments later I turned around to see him completely mesmerized, staring into the flashing light.

Truer words were never spoken.


  1. Is this going to be on the gun only at night, or do you have a new holster to go with it?

  2. streamlight TLR-1?

    I've got one of those on my P220ST. A bit bulky but it's a great little light.

  3. bluesun - only at night ... it's supposed to be "easy on and off". But since XD is with the gunsmith getting a Laserlyte (thanks, JayG!) rear sight installed, I don't know how "easy" we're talking here.

    Mike W. -- It's a TLR-1S. S is for strobe.

    And, hand to God, SH was already wearing that shirt before he started checking out the new light.


    I was wondering if you photo-shopped the lettering on the shirt, but there you go.

    Sorry SH, we're not laughing AT you, we're laughing WITH you ;^)

  5. Just to clarify ... thanks to JayG for the *recommendation* of the Laserlyte.

    And that shirt was a gift from Michael W. of Doin' the Time Warp. *grin*

  6. Hey!!! Glad to know my reviews are making impressions.

    I think you'll be very pleased with the LaserLyte RSLs. I've been torture testing mine for over 6 months now (mostly in the form of leaving them in the safe - D'OH! Stupid not-available .45 ACP!) and they're still doing great.

    And the pic is just PRICELESS...