Tuesday, August 10, 2010


You’ve probably noticed that Sweet Daughter has been thinking about “Camouflage People” a lot this summer. On the way in to daycare this morning, I told her that CP’s have a pretty crummy job – some have to live far away from home and their friends and families, and some are in a place that’s even hotter than it is here (99 degrees today), and they live in tents, and it’s really dusty, and it's dangerous, and they do it all for not very much money. Tonight at dinner she asked me if she could send some of her allowance to them so they could feel better.

So, what are your favorite charities that benefit service members?

About to depart on her first airplane trip (that she remembers, anyway), SD is distracted from mugging for the camera just as the shutter clicks. She has spied a CP, and he must be addressed. "Thanks for keeping us safe!" she calls, while waving to get his attention.


  1. The U.S.O. is the best one I know of, or the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

  2. Ditto on the USO and Wounded Warriors. I also contribute to Soldiers Angels.

  3. Been donating to USO and Fisher House (think "Ronald McDonald House for CPs") for years.
    Soldiers Angels and Project Valour-IT.
    Chuck has a list on his home: http://tcoverride.blogspot.com/

  4. Quilts of Valor. I love making them and thinking of where they're going.

  5. Linda ... oooh. QOV. That is something I really should do. I haven't done any quilting in (HOLY COW) over 15 years. Hmmm. Sounds like something to start doing again.