Friday, August 27, 2010


Larry Correia is offering to redshirt people in his next Monster Hunter book for good cause. I am SO doing this.

He gives the option of sending along any specific items of description that he might be able to use. (age, size, build, interesting factoids like: you’ve got a lazy eye, penchant for Mohawks, look suspiciously like Ernest Borgnine, etc.)

I need suggestions – so far I’ve come up with the fact that I’m a middle-aged office manager, my first two guns were a flintlock and matchlock, SayUncle thinks I’m 7’ tall, and that Sweet Daughter wanted a “handgun like Mommy’s” for her fourth birthday.

Got anything to add?


  1. "Enjoys 18th century medicine."

  2. Other than the opium, I can't really think of anything *enjoyable* about it. And honestly, I'm just the Chief Cat Herder whose chief responsiblity is make sure the Ritalin salt lick is available 24/7. I can't really do any of the medical interpretation. Our camp was empty at the end of one day (except for me) and a gentle guest came by and pointed to a big piece of leather with a slit going from the end to a keyhole in the center. It was two thickness of good, sturdy leather and carefully stitched around the edges. They asked what it was. I could not for the life of me remember what it was called. "It's used for amputations", I said. Looking at the puzzled look on the visitors face, I augmented with "You know ... to pull the meat back (while grabbing it in my hands and pulling back) while someone else saws through the bone and gristle."

    Our gentle guest visably blanched, and they don't leave me alone in camp much anymore.

  3. Wait, what- opium?!

    ::sixties hippie kicks in::

    I'm gettin' my pre-rev garb together right now...

  4. I was thinking more--"enjoys being with people who cut limbs off with a minimum of anesthetic."

  5. Yeah. "Minimum" as in "none". Speed was your friend. I've heard Shorter Half saw it was only about 3-5 minutes from "slice to thump".

  6. Hmm, I'm already a blue shirt in Live Free or Die....hmmmm...