Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just don't start calling me Gecko45

Due to the fact that Sweet Daughter was coming down with a cold on Friday night, neither she nor I slept well that night. We were trying to take a nap yesterday - she finally fell asleep, but it took me over an hour to unwind. Just as I was drifing off, my slumber was shattered by the sound of ripping Velcro. The REPEATED sound of ripping Velcro, I might add. I stumbled down the stairs to find Shorter Half assembling some sort of rig for my Springfield XD. I gave him the evil eye and asked what in the world was he doing???

 He'd picked my pistol up from the gunsmith (got the LaserLyte installed), had added the flashlight, and was putting together a rig so I had a holster that would fit it with the light attached. The light is for use in the home, and it's easy on, easy off so I can pop it off to use with my regular carry rig.

I think I'll forgive him.


  1. A light AND a laser? Where will the madness end?

  2. Remember Shorter Half got his hands on it? The lover of all things bright and shiny? I'm surprised he didn't have it chromed while he was at it. *grin*

  3. Now, if you could just get some period clothing with a trama plate in back sewn in back.


  4. Anon,

    Clearly, you've never worn stays. *grin*