Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pictures from Saturday night

Photos are courtesy of my Blogfather, JayG, and his new camera. 

With my blogfather, JayG at the "after party".

With Weer'd Beard at the 2A Blog Bash.

With the cool-beyond-belief Breda at the 2A Blog Bash


  1. That Nancy/Breda pic is what the world has been waiting for: TWO lovely ladies, & that's the log & the short of it.

  2. Great Pics. Mind if I put a pic of you and Weer'd up on my site?

  3. Knock yourself out as long as I'm not committing a felony, or have my finger up my nose, or look like I'm about to sneeze, or something. *grin*

  4. Oh, then I'll find another picture. ;-)