Monday, May 9, 2011

New shiny!

1848 Colt Baby Dragoon pocket revolver, and it’s my first percussion gun. Because one can never have too many obscure calibers.

.31 caliber. And, no. I can't get the picture stay in landscape orientation.


(Thanks, Michael W.!)


  1. Cool! I got an 1847 Colt Walker recently, but sadly haven't had the time to shoot it yet. Its my first black powder gun.

    JB Miller started talk about the next NoVA/DC/Maryland blogmeet and shoot, and I suggested an outdoor range this time so we can get some black powder fun and smoke hanging in the air.

  2. Black powder, case hardening, revolver, dainty caliber...

    I am truly envious.

  3. It's a beauty.
    Did it come with a loading tool/fixture?
    I've got a .44 1858 repro, but I've always liked the l'il .31s.

  4. DT - Um, no. What you see is what I've got. For now. Michael W. will make sure I've got the correct extra bits.

  5. My question is does DeSantis or Galco make an IWB holster for it? Hehe

    Something tells me that it would look even more superb if it had a companion and both were wrapped in leather flap holsters. OC wouldn't look any better than that!

  6. Careful when you twirl it. Do it over the bed, a pillow, the couch, or an old blanket.

    Ask me how I know......