Monday, July 5, 2010

The weekend was good.

It included shooting.

I also picked up 4 big boxes of WWB at Wally World. The nice young man with the great hankin’ grommets in his ears and the bad ink sleeves seemed a little confused with the middle-aged mom with complete with the polo shirt and plaid headband asked for four boxes of 9mm Luger. “No, the big boxes. Yes. The ones that say ‘100’. Thank you!” Not his usual customer, I’m guessing.

First fireworks for Sweet Daughter. The first one went off, and she started shrieking with joy like a steam whistle with the valve stuck open. And we didn’t have to tell her to quiet down because we could hardly hear her over the fireworks anyway. The look on her face was priceless – the grin was brighter than the explosions in the sky. It appears she has inherited my love of things that go “blammo”.

The sewing muse returned long enough for me to slipcover a chair for Sweet Daughter’s room. It took all day, but it was the biggest slipcover job I’ve done so far. The last time I slipcovered cushions, the Berlin Wall was being torn down on TV as I sewed. So, yeah. It’s been a while.


  1. Soon SD will be wanting her very own cannon! Ah the smell of blackpowder.....

  2. Sounds like you had a good one indeed. No range time, but lots of things going "blammo" here, too. Life is still good.

  3. Ma'am, you be sure to tell Geodkyt, as I wrote over at the Atomic Nerds' place, that he is a very lucky man.

    P.s. With any luck, SD will grow up to resemble that Elke Sykora character in the Michael Z. Williamson novel. (She doesn't feel comfortable if she doesn't have at least a coupla tons of HE and appropriate detonators handy.)