Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bad taste?

While visiting in the mid-west last week, we took a side-trip to the Hormel Spam museum. It’s a really nice place. It was bright and shiny. It was kitschy. They spared no expense (which they apparently try to recoup soley through the gift shop.)

We checked out the Cyber Diner and played Spamalot.
We watched a movie about the Hormel Girls, and actually saw handful of them tucked away in a back room, apparently there for a reunion of sorts.

All was going well – Sweet Daughter was busy trying to stuff six empty cans with bean bags representing Spam, then putting on lids, “heat” processing them, and labeling them (all while being timed) when an older gentleman came through with a tray of “Spam with cheese” samples. I took one when offered, and when he asked SD if she wanted one, she replied “No, thank you.” as she continued to stuff cans with faux Spam.

His response? “That’s un-American!” he sputtered in a disapproving tone.

My response? “At least she’s got good manners!”, while giving him a modified version of my “eat flaming hot death” look.

And that left a bad taste in my mouth.

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  1. Shoulda stolen SD while I had the chance! You have a good 'un there...
    Mr. Un-American may need remedial classes - just sayin'.