Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quick update

Day 3 of the audit. One more to go. Yay.

The beach was mostly lovely. Except for the idiots that lifted the jelly-fish netting. Repeatedly. It seems they were looking for something that lived in the bay, because they had a plastic bag with about 12 oz. of water in it, and something that they gleaned from the bay side of the netting (that HAD been doing a dandy job of keeping the jelly-fish out of the swimming area) and they kept peering at their catch. Whatever it was. These were adults, too. So we had an hour or so of jelly-fish hunting to do before we were comfortable going back in the water.

Product rave: One application of Aveeno 100 sunblock on Sweet Daughter meant she got to spend six hours playing in the sun and in the water and the only part that got red was the part in her hair. AWESOME stuff.

And six hours of sun and sand meant I got this on the way home. “Mama. I wasn’t sleeping. I was resting my eyes.”
"Of course you were, honey."

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  1. Oh my goodness! That sounds like something SH would say!