Saturday, January 7, 2012

New nomenclature

Sweet Daughter acquired several new games during Christmas. I've had the pleasure of playing them with her, and she's quite ... proficient.  She regularly creams both Shorter Half and me at cribbage, for instance. She started owning us at Uno. I'm still holding my own at Mancala, but I'm running out of adjectives for getting soundly beaten at Concentration and the like. There's getting "spanked", "getting beat like a rented mule", being told "You're going down!" and the ever popular "I'm going to beat the pants off you!"

Which, of course, evolved into "I am SO going to Robb Allen you!"


  1. LOL, it's YOUR monster, you handle her... :-)

  2. Heh. Robb comes up from time to time, as BabyGirl G. aspires to the pants-free lifestyle...

    "No, honey, you can't go to school without pants on. You're not Robb Allen."