Monday, January 23, 2012


On Saturday, Sweet Daughter and Shorter Half participated in the local Powder Puff Derby (think Pinewood Derby for the Girl Scouts). The Boy Scouts had their Pinewood Derby two weeks earlier, and someone said they had 17 entries. The girls? Close to 80. Yeah. They weren’t prepared for that.
It's hard to focus when your subject is bouncing around like a squirrel on meth.
It was a single elimination tournament, and SD won her first heat, and came in second in her second heat. While she didn't place in the racing, she did win the medal for the “Most Patriotic” design. A flag in the front, and butterflies and flowers in the back – we called it “America the Beautiful”. But her favorite part? She insisted on a little round orange sticker on the back, with “Guns Save Lives” written on it.  Yup. Just like those on the family cars.


  1. Chip off the ol' block right there.

  2. Replies
    1. Congratulations Daughter! Glories of races won soon fade, but a thing of beauty is a joy forever.. [yeah, I went out in the second round too, but won the 'concours' section of my Pinewood derby. :) ]

  3. Awesome!!!

    Watching your child experiencing the thrill of victory is a rush unlike any other.

    Helping them cope with the agony of defeat - gracefully - is an art.

  4. Congrats! Also, I'm glad the P.C. Police didn't make her remove the sticker.

  5. Good for her, and congrats on a 'stage' win :-)

  6. Our pinewood derby is three weeks away. Always a good time. Very nice car!