Monday, August 8, 2011

Life's a beach

Sweet Daughter and I had the opportunity to join my sisters in Chincoteague and the end of July for a few days. The weather was beautiful. SD learned how to ride a boogie board. She watched a guy reel in not one, but three "baby' bullhead sharks (bull sharks?). That is if a two and a half foot long shark is still considered a "baby". She thought they were really cool, especially since we were swimming right by the fishing lines. The next day, she watched one of these get reeled in.
She wanted to help. I discouraged that notion. Then I noticed these beautiful little clams smaller than my little fingernail in shades of lavender and peach and pink. And I showed SD how they dug themselves back into the sand when uncovered by the tide.

And she FREAKED OUT. The shark made her laugh. The ray had her wanting to get up close and personal, but the clams had her spending the next half hour yowling about how there were some without shells and they were hurting her feet.
Adolescence is going to be fun, I can already tell.


  1. When Girlie Bear went for her first night walk on the beach and saw the ghost crabs running around, she positively climbed me like I was a ladder.

  2. LOL- You're gonna 'love' the teen years... :-)

  3. I collected a jar full of these things as a wee kid. Took 'em back into the forwards 12 hours later to the most god awful smell when they had died from lack of O2 in the still water in the jar.

    I was not a happy kid.

  4. Chincoteague, now there is a name I have not heard in many a year. Do kids still read "Misty of Chincoteague"? I remember it was required reading when I was in 4th grade.