Thursday, August 11, 2011

Another OC update

I’ve got a dark brown t-shirt that sort of blends in with the leather on my shoulder rig. It’s got a floral/leafy design on the front so it looks kind of feminine, and I wear it when I’m trying to stay low-key. I wore it to dinner out last week, and I ran into a co-worker who didn’t even notice the gun. A few days later, the nice young man behind the counter at Chick-Fil-A certainly did, saying that he wished he could carry like that.  (WIN!)

The shirt didn’t seem to help much with the low-key part when Sweet Daughter, Shorter Half and I went to the Large Sporting Goods Store last weekend and the staff commented on the shoulder rig. And all the extra ammo. Can someone please tell me what it is about shoulder rigs? I know I’m a n00b, and don’t yet get all the nuances and inside jokes, but I feel like someone stuck a sign on my back that says “HEY, LOOK! I think I’m a bad-ass! And don’t forget, I’m bristling with ammo, too!”
So much for staying low key.


  1. I think it has to do with all the TV movies and shows of the not so distant past, where every cop you saw was sporting a shoulder rig.

    Now, when someone sees someone with one, I think the immediate reaction is "who do you think you are, Starsky, or Hutch?"

    They can be very practical. I have one and I find it extremely well suited for driving. A hip holster is too hard to get to and I find appendix carry to be very uncomfortable when sitting.

    A shoulder rig is comfortable, but the gun is still very accessible.

    Anyway, I think the reaction stems from the connotations that hollywood's depiction of shoulder holsters has engendered.

  2. Curt nails it:
    "I think the reaction stems from the connotations that hollywood's depiction of shoulder holsters has engendered."

    See also:
    - Dirty Harry
    - Miami Vice
    - Lethal Weapon
    - Bullitt
    - Taxi Driver
    - Die Hard

    Etc, etc, etc. ;-)

  3. Don't overlook the fact that a shoulder rig is not too far from your head, where they would be looking when addressing you. People tend not to look down too much, and they especially don't look up above head level much at all.

    I've noticed that children tend to notice when I open carry with a belt holster, perhaps because that is closer to eye level for them.

  4. Also, since there are a lot of Male Chauvinist Pigs out there, any slight hint that there is something different in the Female's of the Species Chest Area would tend to be picked up quicker. Thank God I am not one of those, (turning to the Wife as I type this), but that's what I heard. ; )

  5. You don't need a sign. You ARE a badass!

    Besides, being 7 feet tall the shoulder rig puts your piece at eye level :P