Saturday, August 20, 2011

Black listed

SayUncle linked to me last Thursday and the hits started rolling in. And then I saw this, which I found hysterical. S.W.A.T. Magazine's Facebook page? Linked to me? That's like a gourmet magazine linking to my scones recipe or something. It tickled me to no end.

But getting black listed? That was best of all. Thanks!


  1. That is really cool. I got listed too!

    And a scone recipe? I kan haz skons recipe plz?

  2. Congrats :-) And the black list is where all the kool kids hang out :-) And mee too on the recipe? Please, please???

  3. Scone recipe here. I hope you like thme!

    I've had to cut back on the liquid a bit recently. I don't know if the humidity has been affecting my flour, or what ...

  4. Those look absolutely delicious. Those will definitely be given a try.