Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gunnie Prom

JayG talks about what Breda coined as the Gunnie Prom at Pittsburgh in two weeks.

I acquired new shoes for the event. It all started when I paid to have Larry Corriea redshirt me in Monster Hunter Alpha and I get killed by a werewolf. So when I saw these shoes, I wanted an excuse to get them. A gunnie get-together seemed like just the thing. That, and to perpetuate the rumor that I'm 7' tall.

(And Breda said I could. So there.)


  1. Oh man, we definitely need to get a picture of you standing next to Breda in those! If you're not 7 ft. tall you'll look it standing next to a charming little Irish elf.

  2. Well, don't have any pictures taken of me wearing my new Sports Coat near you and Breda. My 6'2" height would spoil the Myth.