Sunday, April 10, 2011

Daughter Blogging

Sweet Daughter asked if she could do a guest post.

Fluffy Snuggles is the best cat in the whole wide world because she is never bad. She is always the best kitty at school. (She goes to cat school.) The fluffy tail of hers … she likes it when I pull it for some reason. When she wags it she is always happy, when she doesn’t she is mad. It’s always backwards for being a kitty, because kitties wag their tails when they’re mad. And it is Sweet Daughter’s cat. (Yes, SD refers to herself in the third person when "cat talk" is involved.)

(“What year did I get this?”

“You got Fluffy Snuggles in your Christmas stocking last year, so it was 2009. “)

I got this kitty in 2009.

And without further ado, let me present Fluffy Snuggles and friends.

Here is photograph of Fluffy Snuggles, Pumpkin Tumpkin Socks, and Diesel (named after the dog at her old daycare.)

And here is SD’s picture of the same, done last December.


  1. Has she tried to get a real dog or cat yet?

  2. bluesun: Shorter Half is allergic to cats, so that's out. And we're gone to much to have a dog.

  3. But....but......but....WHERE'S THE PONY???