Wednesday, January 5, 2011

For those who haven't met Shorter Half

You may recognize him as commenter Geodkyt, and occasionally as Rick R. But this pretty much sums him up:

Luckily he has been taught the universal sign for "time out" where your two hands make a "T". This allows you to redirect and/or refine your question. Even Sweet Daughter has been taught this valuable trick. We joke about the time SH's little sister asked him about how the American Revolution began. I think she was looking for the whole Lexington/Concord thing. SH started with the Seven Years War.

EDIT: SH says he actually went back to the War of Spanish Succession.


  1. Well, history's a river, right?

  2. It is, but you don't always have to go to the headwaters for your answer.

  3. I used to joke about a co worker who when asked the time would give the complete history of time AND tell you how to make a watch. Seems that you married him. :)

  4. TOTWTYTR, it sounds like they're kin if nothing else. LOL.

  5. I thought it was well established that the roots of the American Revolution were established in the English Civil Wars/Restoration.
    Although it must be admitted that King George's War is when Americans were first referred to as Americans, as opposed to "Colonists" or by their colony's name.

  6. D.W. -- OMG - you're just like him, aren't you? *VBG*

  7. DW,

    You can make that argument -- although you can as easily head back to the First Baron's War against John Lackland, or back to the Charter of Liberties of Henry I.

    Personally, I'd argue for the First Baron's War -- the first open rebellion to force the king to accept limits to his authority set by his people (well, his nobility, anyway), rather than Henry's unilateral purchase of his brother's throne by issuing promises to the nobility if they supported his usurpation.