Saturday, January 22, 2011

A bandolier

Thanks to Michael W., I am finally getting the last pieces together to go with my matchlock. He made this bandolier for me, and is currently working on the last 6 bottles. I need to lay in more powder and ball, and probably little more slow match. It must be my inner pyromaniac that loves holding burning match and a musket in one hand while pouring loose powder down the barrel from a wooden bottle with the other.

Then I need to practice the gazillion steps to the Caliver Drill. (I don’t have a musket rest, and my hands aren’t big enough for holding the musket and rest for the Musket Drill, which is longer, anyway.) That way if a certain blogger who has mentioned an interest in matchlocks hasn’t fired one, I’ll be ready if we ever meet.


  1. Ask and ye shall recieve,

    The last bottles are done and I will attach them tonight when the paint is dry. You might get a musket rest for your birthday.

    I have been uber productive in the workshop this week. Like some cut rate mad scientist I have gone running out of the shop screaming "It's alive" on several times when a project came together.

  2. So why do people go pale when I refer to the bottles of such a rig as "The Thirteen Apostles"?

  3. "Bottles"? Surely you mean Apostles?

  4. There Were No Twelve Apostles

    Being the reason why 'Apostles' should not be used when referring to a musketeer's Collar of Bandoliers

  5. Lessee, now. Tam, being a spinster, has more time to exercise with her matchlock, except that I don't think she has one.

    Nancy R. being a decent respectable married woman, has all kinds of duties she must fulfill, but happens actually to own a matchlock, and is familiar enough with it that she don' need no steenking sights.

    I'm bettin' on Nancy, here. Sorry, Tam.

  6. Justthisguy -

    Um, I haven't fired that matchlock in a long time. It's not like you can walk into Goose Hill and pick up ball and slow match when you run low. Besides, I enjoy it for the "blammo" and pyromaniac factor as much as anything.

  7. I am in need of a second bandolier, to go with my second matchlock. Where did you get yours, may I place an order?