Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Unusual holster bleg

A good friend of mine asked the following question, and since this is SO out of my realm of expertise, I thought I'd pass it on and ask y'all.

Daughter got an Airsoft pistol for Christmas and I accidentally got her a right-handed holster for it.  I like UTG holsters but am having a hard time finding one for a leftie. Granted I have only looked on and and the one she really likes is right-hand only - the UTG Special Ops Leg Holster in Army Digital Camo. I found one by Taigear but it is solid black and does not have an extra pouch for the ammo.  Any suggestions?


  1. My internet is sloooooooow today, so my limited research has turned up only the BDS Tactical Modular holster. Still looking though. . . .

  2. No idea if this will fit your gun, but it is cheap. There may be other holsters by Condor that will work.

  3. Hi all , I'm the one that made the request and young daughter thought the Condor holster was "cool", especially since we can get it in ACU. Thanks for posting my request and for all the help from the readers!