Monday, December 6, 2010

Norway National Guard Show

Back when I was doing the marchy-marchy, bangy-bangy thing with cannon and musket, my favorite part (besides the "blammo") was the drill and ceremony.

Who knew The Ecstasy of Gold and When Johnny Comes Marching Home worked so well together?


  1. Where are they performing at? It looks like an ice skating arena, but they don't seem to be slipping around...

  2. I like that stuff too.
    When I was in the service, I qualified for & participated in Honor Guard in boot camp- we did all kinds of schnazzy stuff (not this schnazzy though). Did well there, but couldn't join the nationals because I was under 6'. SH has my sympathies.

    BTW, if you change the aspect ratio on the you tube video, it will fit in your blog space (try 415 x 250).

  3. Nice! Those guys have the snap and pop worked out!

    I do note that drill teams are the only folks who can thoroughly violate the first two safety rules and be OK with it. Seriously good drill.

  4. A good drum & bugle corps sends a chill up my spine every time I watch one.

    Bonus points for using M1s as well.