Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Saint Barbara’s Day

My living history experience began (crap, has it been 18 years??) as a Royal Artillery gunner on a Rev War reproduction 3-lb. field piece. Today is the feast day of St. Barbara, patron saint of those who deal with things that go “blammo”. I no longer have the youth, vigor and figure that allowed me to masquerade as a young man and serve on a gun, but I do miss it.

St. Barbara was removed from the Calendar of Saints in 1969, but I have a St. Barbara’s medallion that lives in my range bag. Some time, when I’ve got enough people to help me drink it, I’d like to try the punch outlined here.


  1. Cool.
    I did not know of St. Barbara; I think it's about time I get a St. B medal for my limber chest.

  2. doubletrouble - would you allow me the honor of providing you with one?

  3. Whoa- that would be terrific Nancy!

    Conditional, however; you will be required to stop by & shoot the gun when you get in this neck of the woods.

    And, the honor is mine...

  4. When Nancy and i first started dating, I snagged one of her St. Barbara's medals for my Rev War unit's powder chest (being, at the time, one of the two token Papists in the unit, I felt it appropriate).