Saturday, May 15, 2010

Charlotte: NRA 2010

I'll let the other cool kids tell you about what's going on, but here's how my day has gone so far.

This is right before Sweet Daughter knocked over the 10' sign. Everyone was really very nice about it. She was squirreling around because she wanted to go here:

I can not say enough nice things about the people running the range sponsored by Pyramyd Air. And Sweet Daughter got to shoot a rifle. Then we stood in line to see ...

What a nice, nice (and photogenic) gentleman. I got up there and realized I had nothing whatsoever to say to him other than "Hey! I like blowing stuff up, too!" How original. When I told him that SD had asked for a handgun for her 4th birthday, he said "I can't give you a gun, but I can give you this." And he handed her a challenge coin.  Whatever sum of money Glock is paying him, he is earning every penny. And, speaking of Glock, they did a very, very good job of handling security around R. Lee AND making it seem like they were simply there as hosts. Providing extra hospitality. Yeah, that's it.

And last, but not least, the H-S Precision Booth.

Shorter Half did not take up The Atomic Nerds on thier offer to win some free cocoa mix, but you will notice the booth is empty.

AND I got to meet Say Uncle and wave at Snowflakes in Hell Joe Huffman (apologies to all - I was misinformed!) up in the media booth. I feel like such a poseur.


  1. Strangely enough, I went by that booth about four times (only once with Nancy and her camera in tow).

    The H-S guys got very busy everytime I came by. . .

    I still haven't found the folder of Mother & Baby "No-Shoots" I printed up and promised to Breda, in case people wanted to go ask for autographs.

    Shorter Half

  2. Your husband's shirt quite literally made me laugh out loud when I saw it in the media room.

  3. I know 'shorter half' in his Canned-Pear form.

    This picture made my day.

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog. I looked around, and really like what you're doing here. You're added to my blog list.

  5. Snark and irony all rolled into one, good, shot!

  6. Nancy, Geodkyt, and Susan: It was truly a pleasure meeting you all. My only regret is that I didn't have more time to spend with all of you.

    Oh, and I have secured Ms. Susan's jacket and have it ready to be delivered.

  7. She is such a sweet little girl! Great meeting you guys!

  8. Glad your daughter enjoyed our Pink Pumpmaster 760! Nice blog, btw. Just mentioned it on our Fan Page at

  9. *pouting*

    I missed all the fun!

  10. Nancy,

    It was a real pleasure meeting you and your family. Your daughter is a gem. Stay in touch.

  11. were can i get a tee shirt like that? I am from Idaho and was living there when this debacle unfolded and i would love to have one of those.

  12. Anonymous - Click on the Atomic Nerds link in the post.