Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Getting caught up

I finally have a functioning laptop. After mine going Tango Uniform 17 months ago, and the one my IT guy loaned me no longer able to get updates (Vista), I finally bit the bullet and picked up an inexpensive refurbished one. Sweet Daughter was very generously sharing hers with me, but was putting in lots of hours on homework, and I just didn't have much access to it. Also, hers is getting along in years, and I cringed at the thought of it dying the night before an important report was due. Now we've got back-up.

Anyhow ... SD wore her "Lucy" gown to the MD Renaissance Fair. This was back in September.

Here she is doing her best River Tam impression at the May Pole.
She asked that I go in costume, too, so I made a stab at an Italian Renaissance gown.

Blessings upon the woman who showed me how to properly tuck up the skirts so I could walk without breaking my neck.
We watched jousting and weapons demos and musical performances.

These four guys are Cu Dubh. Percussion and bagpipes and volume. What's not to like?
Towards the end of the day I came across Dagger Dan's. I wish I'd found him earlier when I had more disposable income.

He has all manner of knives and swords.

I did find this lovely little piece, and decided that it might be the first in a collection of kriss blades. Because reasons.

All in all, it was a great girls day out, and I hope we'll do it again next year.


  1. Y'all are looking good! :-) Glad you had fun too, and that little knife is neat!

  2. i really enjoy Cu Dubh but man, they are boring to watch. they just don't seem to really get into their music. (they were at Pennsic this year and we encountered them on a wander during Midnight Madness.)

    give me Wolgemut any day.