Monday, September 2, 2013

West Virginia Blog Shoot!

So, I was talking to this guy on Face Book who convinced me that I really need to head to West-by-God Virginia on Saturday, the 14th of September to participate in this fundraising shoot. So, if you’ve a mind to, come out and join the fun and watch me do my best to not act like the horribly introverted n00b that I am.

It close to the DC Metro area, it's for a great cause, we'll have the range to ourselves, and I might even bring the hackbut. I'm looking foward to meeting some new people (and maybe even a dog) -- what's not to like?


  1. Well, if dogs are going to be there, I'd say go...

  2. Damn.

    and I'm going to miss this year...

    It's a blast.

    1. Dang dude! Hate to here that. I'll tell the groundhog you said Hi.

  3. You'll do fine, you already know half the folks anyway... :-)