Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I must be doing *something* right …

Sweet Daughter was in the shower the other night and I heard something go “thud” in another part of the house. Being in the midst of some major house cleaning, I wasn’t wearing my pistol, but grabbed the first implement of destruction I saw which happened to be an 18th century style cutlass.

I figured out that some relocated plastic stacking drawers had tipped over and told SD that I kind of liked having a blade in the hall. It was handy. I joked that I should mount it and the boarding axe there at the top of the stairs.

SD’s face lit up and she said “REALLY? Can we do it like the Palace?”
Photo courtesy of Colonial Williamsburg.

“Oh, Sweetie. Don’t I wish!”


  1. I hope "mayors against cutlasses " don't hear about this. Your SD is too cute.

  2. James beat me to it...

  3. Well, of COURSE it would be lower key, more subtle, more tasteful, than the Palace.

    So you only need a _few_ more blades to do it "Nancy Style".

  4. Love her idea, but yeah, a 'bit' costly...

  5. I wonder, what about a broom in every room.

    A broom with a good, stout, wood handle.

    Quarterstaff quality, wood handle.

  6. I and my house mates were members of The Society for Creative Anachronism in college. One night we opened the door to a screaming girl, being pursued by abusive boyfriend. Who proceeded to hammer on our door bellowing threats. Chris went to his bedroom and returned with his bastard/hand-and-a-half sword. Boyfriend's eyes got big and he went away.