Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"My Faivit Cat" - Sappy Cat Blogging*

Sweet Daughter asked if she could guest blog tonight and so she wrote a story about one of her toy cats, Maggie. She asked that I please correct her spelling since she didn't want to take the time to ask how to spell all the words she didn't know. So without further ado, I present "My Favit Cat".

My Favorite Cat

My favorite cat is Maggie. She can write , color, and paint. She is black and white**. She likes to be with me. She is a sweet cat. Her favorite is vanilla. She loves ice cream. She is a Webkinz. Meow!

* In memory of William whom I had the pleasure of meeting last spring in Pittsburgh.

** Amended after the fact to read "She is black and white with green eyes."


  1. Good for her, and sad for us, we've lost a good one in William...

  2. I have read William on occasion; sorry to see him go, & for your loss.

    I know about the allergy, but I DO wish SD could have a kitty; it seems like a purrfect match.

  3. My kitties love vanilla ice cream too!