Thursday, September 9, 2010

For the two of you …

... who don’t already read Breda (or Alan, or Say Uncle), I’ve been invited to be on BB&Guns tonight along with TBolt. I’m surprised, honored, and alternately squeeing and fighting off a bad case of mic fright. Here’s hoping something interesting falls out of my mouth at the appointed hour.


  1. Thanks, Alan. I almost went verklempt when I recognized all those names on the chat.

  2. I liked the retractor story. The whole podcast went well - congratulations!

  3. Nice job, lass.

    You sounded quite calm & collected, AND had the best QOTD- "bigger balls", indeed.

    Didn't you previously blog that retractor story? As I listened, I got all déjà vu...

  4. Heh, I wrote a post telling others to tune in, then missed it myself.

    I'll have to download it. I'm sure you did just fine.

  5. We're doing a one day dog and pony show tomorrow (September 11) here: There will be a reenactor time-line going on. It's reasonably close, and we wanted to do something for Patriot's Day.

    Tne next big event that will have the marchy-marchy, bangy-bangy tactical thing going will be in Wilmington,DE, here:

    Then, we'll be in Williamsburg over Columbus Day weekend for "Prelude to Victory". We'll turn our coats and pretendto be Rebels for that one.