Wednesday, September 15, 2010

B-17F Flight Log

A reader passed along the following:

Not sure if you are interested but I found a B17F flight log that was scanned and posted to the web. Cover says 8th Air Force, 385th Bomb Wing Great Ashfield, England. 5 SEP 1943-21 Feb 1944. It is in a PDF format and it was very interesting. It is hand written and covers the flight to England from the US, training conducted, and accounts of missions flown with names. It ends when the writer was himself wounded.

A note at the beginning reads:

“Finally go around to sending this log. It scares me to read it. I don’t understand how we got out alive a lot of the things happened I had completely forgotten about.”

Caution: Don't go unless you've got some time to spend. It's riveting.

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