Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to Pimp your Pellet Gun

Well, a paint job, anyway. I suppose you could Bedazzle it if you wanted, but that is so not my thing.

You need:

• A pellet gun
Krylon Fusion spray paint in your color choice (I chose a cranberry red.)
• A green scrubbie
• Ammonia
• Blue painters tape
• Newspaper
• A week to let it cure

I picked up a Crosman 760 Pumpmaster -- for around $25. This will be my “go shooting with Sweet Daughter” gun.

I can't get this to rotate. Sorry.

The next step was to take it apart for easier painting. All I needed to do was to remove the bolt that is located under the stock. The black screws on the butt plate are just pretend. Trying to remove them will gouge the plastic and make you feel stupid.

Next, scrub the brown plastic bits with a green scrubbie and ammonia. The directions on the paint can said something about using paint thinner, but I didn’t have any. The scrubbie roughed up the surface a bit, and the ammonia removed the grease.

Then I taped my edges being careful to rub the edges around the brown bits for a good seal, and covered the large bits with newspaper.

Next, you wait for a day when you are home where the temperature is above 50 degrees and it’s not raining so you can use the spray paint. I followed the directions on the can using overlapping strokes, and many thin layers. I did not wait for the paint to dry between coats – I just kept spraying on thin coats until everything was evenly covered. Then I left it to dry for a couple of hours.

Next, remove the tape and paper. Let the paint cure for a week, replace the bolt/screw thing that holds the stock on and you’re good to go.

I suppose you could even paint it black and make it tactical. Adding rails is up to you. Heck, I 'm still working on using sites.


  1. "Next, you wait for a day when you are home where the temperature is above 50 degrees and it’s not raining so you can use the spray paint."

    Ummmm. . . .when is that, exactly? I swear, VA has turned into Seattle! What's up with that?

    I've got 308 lbs of lead, and all the stuff needed to cast .45acp, and I have yet to even burn the grease off the pot as you can't cast in the rain.

    Also, the 760 is a classic. I burned out the barrel in one (not really) as a kid shooting critters all over the county. Love it. The short pump handle on it is way better than the Powermaster, which I have collecting dust in my basement.

    Just a suggestion, several thousand BBs on hand will feed the family for a year or more when our economy crashes. I'm not sure if they would take out a zombie though.

  2. Sweet Daughter was home sick on Tuesday. I scored a paint job that afternoon.

    Maybe it would work onZombie rabbits and squirrels?