Monday, July 14, 2014

Assumed Room Temperature

My refrigerator has been ailing, and apparently died while I was at work today.

Face Book friends came to the rescue and the first obvious thing to check were the coils. After getting the blasted thing moved out of the depression it had made in the floor, I realized that there were no coils on the back of this thing, they are underneath. And after being unplugged for a couple of hours, cranking the thermostat down didn't cause anything to kick back on. The conclusion was that the compressor was shot.

Years of loud music and then artillery means that I can't hear over things like room fans roaring quietly in the background. This means I failed to hear the compressor come on. Or, in this case, NOT come on. The turned milk should have been a clue. As should the ground beef that went off a little sooner than expected.

All the frozen stuff is downstairs in the chest freezer, and the rest is packed into coolers with ice. I found the perfect replacement fridge on Craigslist at a great price, but am not getting a response from the sellers. A coworker generously volunteered his services and those of his van and trailer. Tomorrow after work we'll drive into town and see what the Big Box Stores have in the scratch and dent section. Here's hoping I get lucky.


  1. Good luck! I will hate the day when this fridge dies that was here when I moved in.

  2. This fridge was a hand-me-down 7 1/2 years ago. It's probably 20 years old. I just wish it could have waited another year or two.

  3. Mine chose 2 weeks before everybody was to arrive for Christmas to develope that distinct dying compressor sound.