Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Linen outfit jacket and petticoat

Photos courtesy of Sweet Daughter.
Here's the blue linen outfit fashioned from the maternity outfit. Here's it's worn without stays (shocking, I know). Plans are to wear this to the Firelock Match if I get there (long story). The first time I participated, I wore stays, and I ended up feeling like I had whiplash. My guess is that my torso remained pretty much immobile as a result, and my neck took up all the recoil.

I'm hoping I can get the back to fit a bit better -- maybe with stays.
I'll be able to wear this with stays, too, and can upgrade it with a nicer apron and neck handkerchief. Looks like a good outfit for Williamsburg in the dog days of summer. Now I just need a straw hat to go with it.
The important part is that I can move my arms well enough to shoot.