Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Kid Shoot 2013

We’re planning another “Kid Shoot for the first weekend in June this year … an event we did last year to introduce kids to shooting with pellet guns. Sweet Daughter started out with a pellet pistol at age four and it was invaluable for her learning the Four Rules in a slightly less lethal environment than say, with a .22. Hearing protection wasn’t needed, and an adult could grab the barrel of the gun to keep control as necessary.

Almost 4 years ago!!

Sound like fun? If you act NOW we’ll break out the .22’s for the older kids … and the adults who are new shooters! What could be more fun than blasting away at reactive targets?
But wait! There’s MORE!! We have special celebrity guests! Dr.Mike, Cutler to the Stars™, will make another appearance this year (and will hopefully be prevailed upon to grill bacon-wrapped Vidalia’s again) all the way from North Carolina. In addition to Dr. Mike, we also have a special extra long distance guest … coming all the way from the Volksrepublik of Massachusetts … Jay G!

So, we have pellet-gun goodness! (and plenty of ammo)
The opportunity to bring new shooters to the range in a very non-stressful environment. (Unless Zombie Clown targets really bother you.)

Rock Star guests!
It’s also Open Carry weekend!

And there will food and drink, and possibly even a birthday cake for a milestone birthday.
The proposed date is June 1st, with a rain date of June 2nd.  We thinking about starting late morning, early afternoon. If the Shoot goes off as planned on Saturday, is there any interest in a BLOGMEET in Fredericksburg on Sunday with Michael W. and Jay G? Oh, and me, too, I suppose.

EDIT: Or we could do a blogmeet at a pub ... let me know if you're interested in any of this and we'll figure something out ...

EDIT AGAIN: I suppose I should give at least a general location, eh? About a half hour east of Fredericksburg, VA, and an hour south of Waldorf, MD, depending on the traffic.


  1. Ooh! Ooh! I'm in! I'm in!

    Oh. Wait. :D

  2. Phil and the kids had such a great time last year. Would love to try to make it.

  3. Can anyone get in on this? I have a Marlin model 60 and a High Standard model H-B pistol I can bring.

    I've been meaning to get up around the Pax River area again sometime anyway...

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  5. Let me see if I can manage this without spelling errors. I am very interested. If I can fit this into the schedule, I can bring a good pellet rifle and pistol and numerous .22LR rifles and pistols (plus ammo!)and a couple of RSO/instructors.

  6. Count me in. One single-action .22 revolver and a generic pellet rifle.
    Oh, and please explain Open Carry weekend for a Marylander...

  7. Anyone is that wants to make the trip is more than welcome. Contact me directly at the dethosp email address with questions. It's listed down in my profile ..

  8. If I come into an inheritance of which I have heretofore been ignorant in the interim, I will totally be there. Otherwise, I'll just be in Texas and envious.

  9. And no, I can't diagram that first sentence.

  10. Excellent! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day with your family.

  11. Sorry I missed this. Sounds like you and the gang of usual suspects rocked it!