Monday, November 5, 2012

Vote, dammit.

So, I just got my 6th election-related call in the last 3 ½ hours. This one had a real human on the other end and she told me she was calling to remind me to vote tomorrow.
“Really?” I said. “You’re the 6th call I’ve had since 4:30. Do you think I live under a rock? Do you really think I’m dumb enough to NOT know it’s election day tomorrow?”

“Umm …”
“And seriously.  If I was stupid enough to NOT know tomorrow was election day, would you really want me voting?”



  1. True that! The phone at humble abode has been busy today. I voted a week ago.

  2. Same here, voted last week, I came back Sunday and had 21 !&$# calls... sigh

  3. I've been settling for just not answering... my mother has vowed that There Will Not Be A Land Line By Next Election. Since the only people who use it are polsters...

  4. I think we are ready for this election to be over.

    BTW, love the new banner at the top.