Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Musket BOLO

I know this isn't an area of expertise for the majority who stop by here (myself included), but while poking around your local funshows, please be on the lookout for two muskets stolen from east Tennessee in mid-September.
The first is a Japanese 42” barrel reproduction Brown Bess, with black sling, repaired crack in wrist, missing side plate, and missing bayonet lug – it’s been well used for over 30 years.
The second is a 36” .62 barrel officer's fusil, with curly maple stock, black sling, and St. Andrew device in lieu of escutcheon plate, also a reproduction.

I don't know the owner of these personally, but saw the notice and thought I'd pass it along. If you have any information, please contact
Paul Pace at
I've requested pictures, and will post them if they are available.


  1. That sucks. If I see one of these, I'll give a hollar (not that I am an expert on black powder muskets.

  2. You could come to the show on the 29th and help us look for them.

    What's a St. Andrews device?

  3. The St. Andrew's device is most likely a diagonal cross. Here's hoping he sends me pictures ...

  4. I'll keep an eye out, but pics would help.

  5. There's another big show up in Amish country the 27th. If you have photos I'll have friends that attend or work the show be on the lookout if someone tries to sell one.

  6. On a side note. Did my first Civil War Re-enactment at a place that had other "exhibits".

    Warning - you can not easily climb on top o f a tank wearing a hoop skirt. Just saying.