Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Regal Entertanment Group assures your safety!

Really! They said so!

It started last Friday when I e-mailed REG to ask about their firearms policy. The front doors of the local theater weren't posted, and there was nothing on their website prohibiting firearms (but their "no outside food or drink" rules were quite clear). However, after standing in line for tickets, I saw the old handgun silhouette with the circle/slash up on their ticket window. I emailed them asking what their policy was, and if it was a "no gun zone" to please make it a little more apparent by posting the main entrance doors and state their policy on their website.

This morning I received the following:

August 08, 2012

Dear Ms. R.:

Thank you for taking the time to communicate your concerns regarding our facility security policies. Please understand that Regal Entertainment Group, with the assistance of safety experts and law enforcement personnel, has developed policies and procedures designed to provide the safest environment for our guests and employees. Rest assured these policies and procedures are not designed with the intent to inconvenience or otherwise cause hardship to our guests. However, we believe these policies appropriate to assure the general safety of all guests and employees.

Please note all law enforcement officers, whether on or off duty, are exempt from our gun prohibition policy in the theatre, as long as they identify themselves as such either by display of a badge or other identification upon request.

Again, thank you for taking the time to advise us of your concerns.

Customer Relations Department
Operational Services
Regal Entertainment Group

So after much deletion of sarcasm ( I didn't say I got it it all ...), I replied with:

So you are saying that Regal Entertainment Group can assure my safety under any conditions within your theaters? Boy, I bet that CineMark had thought of that! Think of all the lives that would have been saved.
I find it unlikely that a bad guy intent on causing damage will obey your "no guns" sign any more than people intent on sneaking in their own candy will follow your "no outside food or drink" rule. The difference being that somebody with a contraband box Skittles isn't likely to cause me any harm. But then, neither is a Concealed Handgun Permit Holder. Please understand that as a Virginia CHP Holder, I have no felony or domestic violence convictions, no mental defects or disabilities, I have passed a criminal background check, and I am trained in the safe and proper use of my pistol.
The bad guys you need to worry about are the ones that ignore rules. (That's probably why they're considered "bad guys".) Not just your paper sign, but the rules of society. Surely any reasonable person can understand that someone who is willing to break the law to harm others isn't going to be stopped by a piece of paper. Even my 6-year-old understands that concept.
Please reconsider your "no firearms" policy. Until then, I will be taking my business elsewhere and asking my friends to do the same. I understand that even using social media, that's not going to be a drop in the bucket to REG. But to those of us who like to keep ourselves and our families safe, it's important.
Nancy R.
P.S. You never did address my original message which had little to do with your handgun policy, but rather with posting the front door and the corporate web site instead of hiding your "no guns" sign back on the ticket booth where it couldn't be seen until one had stood in line to buy their tickets.


  1. Curious to know if you talked to the local theater or corporate headquarters? My big nice theater in town is a Regal, and strangely enough, my guns have never ever shot up anything when I was there, Batman or otherwise. Maybe they're broken? In any case, I'm not ceding my right to self defense to some ink on a sign.

  2. You'll NEVER get a straight answer out of them... sigh Just one more reason why I don't go to Regal or AMC houses...

  3. Guess I won't be going to Regal anymore.

  4. Funny how they dodged your question by saying the "Only Ones" were ALLOWED to have Firearms in their Theater. Considering that in most States, LEOs CAN'T have their Weapons taken away from them in most Public places....

  5. They copped-out, literally, the squids.

  6. I like NetFlix, I've watched their movies in my underwear with my AR15 on one side and my .45 on the other, while all my gun cleaning supplies were on the coffee table in front of me. I've then cleaned up, made popcorn, still in my skivvies, with no threat of arrest for excercising my Second Amendment Rights, recognized by both God and my State.

  7. Just remember that your on private property and the operator has the right to set policy or refuse admission ....if you don't like a private business owners policy go someplace else.....another thought is, if you have a chp are u really doing a good job if someone else can determine u have a firearm?

  8. So Ms. R, can u guarantee u won't shoot me by mistake when u feel like ur saving the day? When the person your shooting at is wearing body armor and threw tear gas in an enclosed area can guarantee that if u have a gun u can end the situation? Stop complaining about being inconvenienced when u weren't present to witness people is a very sad and tragic event that doesn't appear that there was any way to prevent.....stupid happens regardless of what u have in place. I guess u also feel that if u were allowed to carry a gun on a plane u could have stopped 9/11 from happening? Your short sighted vision is unfortunate. What guarantees can you give me that you won't get ur gun taken from u and used on me or anyone who has the unfortunate luck of being in ur vicinity when u determine it's ok to pull ur gun and jeopardize everyone around u

  9. Let's see ... Anonymous at 10:31: Yup. Their property, their rules. My money, my choice where I go. I never disputed that. I simply questioned their posting procedure, and got a reply that they could assure my safety which I found quite remarkable.

  10. Yay! First troll!
    Proud of ya girl.

    Now if he could only figure out the language spoken here; I'm pretty sure it isn't "thumbspeak".

    "Ah'll meet you outside pardner, 'an ah'll drawn on u if ur man enough"...

  11. Anonymous at 10:39:

    Wow, you’re reading a lot into my post. (See my remarks at 11:12.) Any “complaining” had to do with REG doing a better job posting their “no outside food” policy better than their “no firearms” policy.

    And no, I couldn’t have stopped 9/11 from happening. It happens every year between 9/10 and 9/12. I have no control over that. But if guns on planes are such a bad idea, why do Air Marshals have them?

    Regardless of whether I “pull my gun” or not, I make no guarantees nor “assurances”. REG did. That was the subject of the post.

  12. You are awesome. Your trolls, meh!

  13. I don't know where this troll lives, but if it's Virginia I can guarantee that if he goes to the mall, movies, shopping, out to dinner, or just about anywhere, there were people all around him carrying firearms.

  14. So shooting back at a spree shooter in a movie theater is bad because someone might get shot, and therefore it's better to let them get on with it undisturbed.

    Got it.

  15. The advantage I have is that my Regal is in my jurisdiction, so they can KMBWA. I love the trollies who are so scared of you shooting them while the bad guy is shooting them. I feel like telling them that I'm not out to hit the milling mob, just Joe Scroat who decided to disturb my peace.

  16. Blood oath. They just don't get it do they. The mind boggles, it really does.
    Regards, Keith.