Thursday, June 7, 2012

“I have become what I beheld”

When I started hanging out and reading gun blogs, I’d notice the posts about knives and other stabbity things, and think “Well isn’t that nice. Another pocket knife. How many does a person need? What’s up with that?”

My dad used to carry what he called a “pen knife”. It was just a regular old folding pocket knife with either some wood or horn on the handle. I’m sure he used it for more, but I primarily remember him using it for sharpening pencils, opening envelopes and for slicing up apples and other things he wasn’t supposed to bite into because of his dentures.

Michael W. (Cutler to the Stars!) had a box of blades he’d acquired over the years and offered one to me. I chose a small Leatherman and threw it in my purse. I don’t think I’ve ever used anything other than the scissors, and that was mostly to cut tags and labels from recent purchases. I tried carrying around a little folding knife in my jeans pocket on the weekends and promptly lost it as it popped out of the stupid shallow pockets when I sat down. No great loss.

Then Shorter Half gave me a little Gerber Paraframe.  It had a clip on it so it stayed put when I clipped it to my pocket. It would ride around in my pocket for the weekend, used once in a while, like when I opened a recalcitrant package at a baby shower, or for sharpening a pencil.  Or so I thought.

Then I misplaced the Paraframe and my world collapsed a little bit. Dang, I had no idea how often I’d been using that knife while gardening. Or opening letters. Or cutting thread or yarn. Or just opening just about anything purchased in the toy department that has a zillion clips and wires and just plain crap involved in the packaging. I found my hand reaching down for the non-existent knife a lot more than I ever remember using one. After mourning for a week, I made a list of what I didn’t like about the Paraframe – namely that it took two hands to open. So I hopped over to Brownell’s and make a selection. I looked for something with assisted opening, was small, didn’t have “tactical” in the name, had a clip, and was under $30.

Somehow, without knowing it, I have become assimilated. I have become what I beheld. And two hours after the knife from Brownell’s arrived, I found the Paraframe. Clearly, my subconscious is working overtime getting me to buy more blades.



  1. LOL, welcome to 'our' world... and keep the Paraframe as a back up! :-)

  2. You're doomed, now.
    Purty soon you'll have enough to start a "rotation". Then you'll find the things that you like best/worst of each, then you'll search for the ONE that has the best of all qualities.
    Then, you'll FIND it, buy it, & wear it.
    It won't be just exactly right.

  3. And you got a _______?

    (I would have suggested a SOG Twitch II.)

  4. one of us

    one of us

    one of us

    one of us

  5. Just wait until you add a flashlight to it.

    I have one of the Tool Logic knife, flashlight combos. I find myself using both of them often. Much more frequently than I ever would have thought.

    As described by JB:

  6. Hehe!

    I buy a new pocketknife about once a year, and i carry it for a while, but i always seem to go back to my Case Trapper, or my Opinel number 7.... I had a Case Sodbuster (full sized, not Junior) that i loved, but I lost it last year. Next time I buy a knife, it will be another Sodbuster

  7. "Clearly, my subconscious is working overtime getting me to buy more blades."

    I wait two weeks before deciding something is actually gone, and not just out of sight. Thank goodness I am not getting older. . .

  8. What? No pictures???

    Remember, if you find a knife you *really* like, buy two or three extra. You'll have a back-up if you lose it, and in a pinch you've got a handy present for the gunnie friend if needed...

    1. I'm on my second Cold Steel Gunsite Tanto (old plastic clip model), first one is around here somewhere...

      And we do want pics.

  9. What Jay said. I try to grab at least 3 when I find one I like, so that when one goes missing I have a spare. 2 is 1 and 1 is none, after all :-)

  10. The Smith and Wesson does make a nice back up for the knives. Welcome to the fold!

  11. Got my paraframe for the holidays, I keep coming back to it. It's just so nice.

  12. Back when my extended family was a bit larger, I would go to a local wholesale store to find inexpensive presents. For the guys, it was swapping knives at holiday(CHRISTMAS) get-together's. One year, I had a left-over. It then became my knife. I loose the damn thing about twice a year, then, THERE IT IS! Go 'figger.