Monday, September 19, 2011

Long time ...

… no blog.
Let’s see …
Earthquake, hurricane, major changes at work (I’m still employed for now at least, yay!), Sweet Daughter’s 6th birthday, the first day of school and the added responsibilities of 1st grade and the additional homework, a tropical storm and rain of “biblical proportions” (we’re fine, we’re on the “up” side of a hill), trying to explain to SD what happened on September 11th ten years ago (at one point I was fighting back tears and all but yelling “I really, REALLY HATE BAD GUYS!”), and helping my sister with a massive yard sale.
Time to start catching up.


  1. We're still here :-) Glad things are under control (more or less)...

  2. So.... life as normal?

    Glad you all are doing OK.

  3. Sigh! Don't you just Hate it when Reality rears its Ugly Head? For example, I have to go to City Hall to get a Building Permit. Oh well, at least Winter isn't here yet.