Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Not like other moms

Sweet Daughter asked me the other day which Disney Princess was my favorite. I’m not thrilled with the idea of “princess” as something to be when one grows up, but I picked Belle, because at least she reads. SD’s favorite? Cinderella.

I said “Cinderella is a perfect example of why you need to finish school and go to college.”

SD: Puzzled look

Me: “If she had a good education she could have a decent paying job, or at least one where she didn’t have to live in the attic and get up before everyone else and be ordered around all day.”

SD: Looking at me like I’ve lost my mind.

Me, continuing: “She’s a grown-up. Why doesn’t she just leave? See? This is why we have guns. So if a bad guy tells us to do something we don’t want to do, we have choices.

SD: Sighs. “Mamma. I think she chose to stay.”

And this is why other moms probably won’t let her come to our house to play.


  1. I agree with SD. Cinderella stayed because her community existed before Women's Lib, or even the incorporation of women into polite business during WWII. Prior to that, an unmarried woman out in the community was presumed to be a nun or a sordid sort.

    I am curious, though, why SD chose Cinderella. Was it her appearance, was she "saved" in a manner that was more magical or understandable than other stories? Or did the Prince just commit himself a bit more responsibly than the "win a Princess" quest things.

    And I like the "Beauty" version of the story, by Robin McKinley, for Beauty and the Beast. Even if it isn't a Disney franchise. Has SD looked into applying for work with Disney, as a Princess? I bet that application does lean toward college students.

  2. Interesting take... And I've honestly never thought about it, other than as a 'fairy tale'...

  3. I got lucky when my daughter skipped all of the princess stuff and wanted to play with her brothers.

    And SD wouldn't change you for the world.

  4. Well yeah, you're not like other mom's. How many mom's are 7 feet tall and wear werewolf heels? :P