Thursday, June 2, 2011

UPDATE: Lunch on Sunday?

The Unofficial "Hey, Look! Nobody is Running Away Screaming When I Open Carry Day" is this Sunday. A couple of us located in the DC/Fredericksburg area are planning on getting together for lunch in the Stafford/Quantico area. Anybody want to join us?

Any input on time and place? I know nothing about the area, but found these:

Dougherty's Tavern

Globe & Laurel Restaurant

Jimmy The Greek Family Restaurant

County Fare

I know nothing about any of these places ... I just did a search on "Stafford VA dining" and these came up. Let me know if you have any preferences, otherwise I'll draw a name from a hat.


  1. Hmmm.

    -Leave at 3AM.
    -Arrive in VA before noon.
    -Have lunch.
    -Home to tuck the kids in to bed...

    Lemme warm up the Harley...

  2. I'd love to, but I'll be doing my OC while working like a rented mule in the back yard.

  3. You could just leave the yard mess for next week or next month. . . . it's worked out great for me the last couple of years!

  4. Can't. Had to do that to go to Knoxville. Now I owe her one full weekend of labor

  5. DB: Knoxville *SO* outranks this. We can "do lunch" again another time.

  6. I've love to, but it's a bit of hike. Have fun!

  7. Is there a time and place? I might see about going to the IWLA in Stafford to shoot my Colt Walker, and lunch afterward would be great!