Saturday, May 21, 2011

Say what?

Sweet Daughter and I attended a picnic at the local park last night put on by the local grass-roots, non-politically affiliated organization. I'd heard that being pro-2A, several members had their CHPs, so, I decided to O/C. I was the only there who was armed.

Now, I was out on the playground with SD helping her with the monkey bars, the swings, and the fireman's pole, and nobody so much as blinked, at least so as I noticed. I'd also taken special care to dress a little more "girly" with a tee-shirt with flowers and dragonflies instead of the usual polo shirt with embroidered emblem. No "molon labe" shirt, sunglasses, shooting hat, or ponytail. I was trying blend in (funny, I know).

It was halfway through the evening before anyone approached me regarding my firearm. A couple had moved here from the other coast, and wanted to know what you needed to do to O/C in Virginia. Now, I will give this group that I was talking with credit for being pro-2A, but when the conversation turned to defending oneself, and one commented "Make sure that if you shoot an intruder in your home, you don't shoot to wound. You shoot to kill. You don't want them telling a different story" I managed to not roll my eyes.

I replied, "Why would you ever shoot to 'wound'? You are in fear for your life, or you are not. You react accordingly."

I don't know if the resulting 30 seconds of silence resulted from them pondering the wisdom of my words, or questioning my sanity. I DO know that the next time one of us runs into this group there will be a stack of 2A Foundation brochures left behind.


  1. And that is exactly why I want to OC. So questions can be asked and answered! You are awesome!

  2. Yep, awesome pretty much covers it. (grin)

    But it does show that O/C can open the door for folks to ask questions, get answers and get proper guidance in becoming self-reliant. In my time teaching, I found out that a good example is one of the best tools a instructor can have.

    And at worst, O/C will allow you to show off your guns (both sets) and the new dye job on your leather. (grin)

  3. Lila,

    I've been lurking around the gun blogs for a couple of years, and it really impresses on me how little I still know. That is one of the things that kept me from O/Cing -- I don't want to steer someone in the wrong direction if asked a question. I also am not an extrovert by any stretch of the imagination, and don't look forward to discussing my personal lifestyle choices with strangers. On the other hand, I feel I have a responsibility to "use it or lose it", so to speak. Walk the walk. Put my money where my mouth is. Pick your cliche ...

  4. Good call and a great answer! :-)

  5. Nancy I am a reasearch junkie. When I decide to do something I kind of obsess. Been toying with getting my permit for a while due to a ify experience. Then we moved to a top rated crime city. I knew being short, white, and female here made me a target. So I ask and read and practice my aim. Girl's gotta be safe. We can never know everything but if we know enough to steer other towards the info they need we have helped!

  6. Nancy, also keep in mind that folks seeing a normal person wearing a visible firearm may be all the guidance that they need to tip them over the fence. I know that many people have an interest in OC, but think that they will stand out too much or look like some stereotypical militant, and are turned away. By you (bayou?) OCing, you are answering questions that they don't want to come out and say. The one question I hear the most is how everyone around you reacts when you're out in public. Around here we have the benefit of OC being fairly common and nobody cares, so that one is easy.