Friday, May 13, 2011

I am delighted to have been nominated

… for a Gunnie Award in the following category:

Best Gun Blog – Female sponsors these awards and I’m absolutely tickled to death to have been included. I met Brian in Pittsburgh two weeks ago at the NRA convention, and he very graciously included me and Shorter Half when he took the real gun bloggers to lunch on Sunday. I say “real” gun bloggers, because I’m sure that the visitors I get from Mara Riley’s knitting page, and those that come here for the Banyan posts via the Jane Austin site may be a bit confused about this award. And, yeah. Tam and Breda are on that list as well, along with LOTS of other movers and shakers. Regardless, I’m honored to have been included and hope that I can drive even a few people over to check out LuckyGunner. Voting closes on Friday, May 27th, so go, check them out and vote. And I’m not even asking that it be for me.

Now, if they only had lead ball for my muskets and new pistol …


  1. if SD had a blog, she'd totally beat all of us. :)

  2. What's the new pistol?
    Also, I voted for you.

  3. Thanks KurtP. I suppose I'll have to go vote for myself as well now since Breda doesn't want any votes. *grin*

    The new pistol is a repro 1848 Colt Baby Dragoon pocket revolver.