Sunday, January 9, 2011

One Year

I was sitting here last night remembering that I'd started this odd little blog enterprise sometime last January. I checked my stats, and darned, if it wasn't January 9th. I told 3 people about this thing, and I've grown to tens and tens of followers.

This is post 217. Yes, My blogfather, JayG,  probably does that many in a month but hey. He's had more practice.

I got to be an invited guest on B&B Guns -- how cool is that??

Oddly enough (to me, at least), the post that showed Sweet Daughter shooting her pellet pistol and my pellet rifle is my "greatest hit" with "For all the camouflage people" coming in second, and the Retractor post a respectable third. Thank for the linky-love everyone, or I'd still be sitting here with 3 readers. *grin*

This is the part where I'm supposed to talk about all the cool people I've met, blah blah blah, but it's true. I've never met a group of people I'd rather be associated with than y'all.

To begin my second year on the interwebz, if you've got me blog-rolled and I don't have you on my list, let me know and I'll return the favor. And to those of you that actually have me listed under "Gun Blogs", God bless your pointed little heads. *grin* I'll try to do better.


  1. Congratulations on celebrating your 1st year. If the first anniversary is paper, how do you celebrate a blogiversary?

  2. 'grats Nancy on your blogaversary.

    I'm happy to know you as well, & proud to be one of the three (or fifteen)!

    Here's to another year... *clink*

  3. Indeed, here's to another year! Congrats!

    Looking forward to seeing you folks in a little over three months...the anticipation builds!

  4. Woot! One year old! Congrats and good luck in 2011!

  5. Wow. My blogdaughter is appoaching toddler status. Although, really, for a blog, one year is maybe a decade in "people" years... ;)


  6. A happy (if belated) blogiversary! :)

  7. Keep up the writing, I enjoy every post, even the ones about making sleeves.
    I AM TJIC.