Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumpkin picking, part 1

Today I volunteered to accompany Sweet Daughter’s kindergarten class field trip to a local pick-your-own farm.
They learned about different varieties of apples.

They sang songs.

They learned about how pumpkins grow.

And then the part they were all waiting for … the pumpkin patch!

The tractor pulled two wagons crammed with students and chaperones.

They have a goats in a pasture, complete with a "goat walk" up over the road.You can buy a handful of corn, put it in a cup, and run it up to a platform using a pulley system.

“I'm a model you know what I mean
And I do my little turn on the goatwalk
Yeah on the goatwalk on the goatwalk yeah
I do my little turn on the goatwalk”

And then ... we reach the pumpkins.

I'm unable to upload any more pictures to this post for some reason, and I've got to finish up the 2 dozen scones I'm baking, and the turkey breast I'm roasting for the weekend, so the search for the greatest pumpkim will commence tomorrow.


  1. Farm field trips were always the best. But that was because they were usually to my house since we had 4 acres, a garden, dogs, cats, rabbits, and chickens, and lived within walking distance of the school...

    Did you carve the pumpkins yet?

  2. Looks like a great time was had by all.

    And now I have Right Said Fred in my head. Thanks bunches!

  3. But the big question is... did all your students come back?

  4. Heh oh those were the days and I went on many of those trips. As a medic my schedule allowed me to. But it also gave me the kids that went along with the epi-pens inhalers etc the school nurse handed me before we went!
    So much fun though. Most of the time.